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Putting on the Ritz

Good afternoon all!

With our next grad show approaching I’m working on a whole new act with a very glamourous costume which I will hopefully be debuting, dependant on this is if my very extravagant prop is finished being built by the week before, this giant prop has only been announced officially on my website www.ladylace.com.au, so if you’ve no heard the news you should defiently have a look in my “news” page!

Today alone I’ve individually attached 238 sequins, and 162 rhinestones to my gown, and that’s only the front complete! I’ve also almost finished my brasier, in which I don’t think I will do a count of items attached, as it would take sometime. My burlesque costuming skills have really improved since my first solo, there’s really such a big difference between a dress and lingerie and a costume you wear on stage. Burlesque, to me, is creating a glamourous world of illusion on stage, you want to be as extravagant as possible! A solid colour on stage looks boring, but add some glitz and shine and it makes you shine on stage! If you (like me) cannot afford a costumer to make you amazing costumes, you can buy a set of bra, underwear, corset (and anything else you’d like to wear on stage) and decorate it with sequins, rhinestones, glitter, beads, jewels, ribbons, bows, lace, or anything else you’d like to embellish your costume with. You don’t even need sewing skills, you can purchase a range of glues that suit different products to attach your shiny bits! I have Gemstone Glue for all my beads, rhinestones and so forth. You can use other glues, but this will really hold on stage. One of my biggest pet hates is when someone buys a plain corset, bra, and underwear, adds a boa and thinks this is a brilliant burlesque costume, be UNIQUE add your burlesque persona into your costume, you don’t want to look like every other newbie (this is more towards people who want to be serious burlesque artists, students who are doing one course for fun this is a perfect first time costume.)

Also remember as a burlesque starlet your costume takes more wear and tear than the average dress to be sure to attached everything as best as possible, as well as when at a show bring a needle and thread, safety pins and so forth as your costume is likely to have a malfunction at some point, and will probably need to be repaired at least once in its life.

Stay tuned for more burley-cue tips!

Lady Lace xXx

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