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Dita Von Teese

When I was fourteen I first saw Dita Von Teese in magazines, I was astounded with how this woman looked; her grace,

Dita Von Teese wearing a piece from her WonderBra Collection

elegance and glamour she portrayed this all through one photograph. I heard that she was burlesque dancer, at the point I wasn’t aware of what exactly that was, but after watching my first YouTube video of her I was hooked on this burlesque thing! It was from this moment I started to dream of even just learning such an amazing lost art form. I started to learn how to do victory rolls, and developing vintage makeup skills and looking more into the pinup style.

At the point I’d been taking dance classes for sometime, but started to focus more on ballet, classic jazz, and all styles of vintage dance I could find, until one day (a year and half later) when researching I found a dance troupe that taught everything from Charleston, to showgirl and even BURLESQUE! Unfortunately 16 year olds are not permitted to take striptease classes, so I learnt all I could, until I was almost 18 and completed my first course in beginner burlesque and debuted my first solo, after my solo course and was accepted into the amazing Lady Velvet Cabaret, my dream came true, how many people can say they got their dream  job/hobby from when they were 14 when they grew up?

It all started with Dita, she is my burlesque idle. I am a classic style performer, and Dita is embodies the glamour of which I try to capture. Most burlesque performers have an alter ego, like Dita, I do not, I have a stage name but its all the best parts of me thrown on stage. As performers we all have idles, usually in a similar style or someone you really appreciate as a performer, its good to watch lots of performances in person, or on YouTube to see what works on stage, what doesn’t, other performers styles, costuming, movement, and much more. This can be inspiring, and useful.

Dita Von Teese performing her signature martini dance.

Dita is a hard working lady who sees to every aspect of her show, from costuming, lighting, choreography, props, and every other little tiny detail really creating a clean, flawless and glamourous finish. As well as perfecting her shows, Dita in the last couple year has launched her own line of lingerie, nails, perfume, 2 books (Art of the Teese, and Dita Striptease), cocktails, and now her Muse line being launched in David Jones (Australia) in which she was personally involved in the creation of all.  I think some of the biggest things we can all take from Dita is her commitment and attention to detail. Fame, fortune, happiness, the career of your dreams, or whatever else your dream  doesn’t happen over night, it took her 17 years to get where she is today, never give up, anything is possible! Remember to keep progressing too, I’ve been working professionally for over a year now, and I still attend workshops, and classes, as well as constant reading and researching, you can always learn more.

If you’re new to burlesque or just never seen a Dita performance and more attracted to the classy glamourous side then you should check out Dita Von Teese’s clips for a taste of the world of illusion she creates. She was the one of the first performers in modern times to bring back burlesque, all burlesque artist have a deep appreciation of burlesque history and this lady really made big changes. Some notable performances of hers include: Dita’s martini dance, her fan dances, bubble bath dance, and any other of her signature routines.

I thought I’d also include this amazing interview with her. She talks about burlesque, and modern interpretations of burlesque as well as how she got into burlesque.

I hope you enjoy the video, there’s bound to be many more posts Dita related in this blog. 🙂

PS. I’d like to make everyone aware that the voting for The Burlesque Top 50 has commenced, you can vote for ANY burlesque artist from anywhere around the world, whether they’re a newbie, or as well know as Dita (who I think needs to your vote. I do hope that my friends, followers, and fans who have enjoy my performances will consider nominating myself.


Much love,
Lady Lace

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