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Victory Rolls

A couple of the most common questions I’m asked after I perform, or whilst walking around at a performance are; “Is that a wig?”, and “How do you make your hair look like that?!” The first question I do find a little strange, but I often forget not many other people are as crazy their hair as me.

My signature fringe.

This photograph is myself sporting my signature “victory rolled fringe”, this is the same fringe I’ve been pining since I was 14 years old, so I have had a lot of practice! I first discovered this when trying to curl my hair, I had it rolled up in a roller, and thought “this reminds me of Dita’s hair, I wish I could have it like this all the time without a silly roller there!”, it then it occurred to me that I could do a similar roll up without a roller and pin my hair with hair pins!

There are a couple different ways of creating a basic victory roll, and they can be applied to all types of rolls (whether it be on on the side, up top, several victory rolls, and so forth). A couple of the most basic include (all will be in reference to the video listed below):

  • “Loop & Pin Victory Roll”: Separate the section of hair you’re making into a victory roll, brush and hair spray (to rid of any stray hairs). With this section of hair create a loop, with the hair feeding out underneathe the loop, and pin the loop in place with hair pins, then spray and smooth top. You MAY notice out the side of your victory roll may have hair sticking our, we fix this by simply gathering it and pinning it under the side of the victory roll, this can help to give a little more volume too. This is the method I use for my side victory rolls.
    • “Rolled Victory Roll”: This is one of the most common ways to make a victory roll, so I thought I’d also throw in a little “How To” video. Youtube videos are great for learning new ways to do your hair, and makeup!
  • “Lady Lace’s Signature Fringe”: This is typically used on only the front section of the hair/fringe, but it can be applied to other sections of hair (whatever works for you is the correct way to do it). Start off by brushing and hair spraying the same as the “Loop and Pin”, brush it off to side you want to make your victory roll on (mine is to the left), from here you fold the your hair 2-4 times up to your hair line, and then tuck the fold in until you have a nice little victory roll, then pin and hair spray it in place.

Dita Von Teese

Other styling tips:

  • Remember if it doesn’t work the first time, keep practising and try alternative methods, no matter if you hair is thin or thick, coarse of fine something will work with practise.
  • Section off the hair you want to make into victory rolls, and curl or straighten the back before you make the victory roll.
  • Straighten the section of hair before making it into a victory roll.
  • Teese the back of the hair being used for a victory roll for more volume.
  • HAIR SPARY! And lots of it! This will hold your curls and rolls very well.
Want to learn more?
In the Burlesque Starlet Performance Course that myself and my amazing co-worker Sugar Du Joure teach we have a week specialising in hair, and makeup styling to be a pinup queen and costume tricks of the trade, where we do live demonstrations of a variety of ways to do your hair! For more information on this class, the whole course and the amazing Lady Velvet Cabaret head to our official website www.ladyvelvetcabaret.com.au!
More updates coming later today!
Love always,
Lady Lace


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