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Perth's very own pinup queen, burlesque artist, producer, & blogger.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Good morning my lovelies!

Our classes are finishing off for the year this week, and will be commencing again next year on the 8th of January, for all our lovely students, we will be emailing you one week before recommencing, just as a reminder.  If you’re interested in joining one of our amazing courses, a new lot start on the 30th of January, for more information head to my “classes” page or Lady Velvet Cabaret’s Website.

I’m very proud to be announcing that Lady Velvet Cabaret and myself have been selected to feature two different shows in Perth Fringe Festival 2012, The Burlesque Garden, and The Lucha Roayle! We have 6 of our Burlesque Garden shows, and 12 of our Luchas!!! This is running from late January to mid February, for more details check out the “Show” page on my website!

There are only three sleeps left till Christmas! I’m a huge fan of this festive season, I love getting together with all my loved ones, eating tasty food, and exchanging gifts! In case I’m too busy on Christmas Day to post a message, Merry Christmas, thank you all for such an amazing year, without all of you I’d not be where I am today!

Much love, and wishing everyone a great holiday season,

Lady Lace

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