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In the burlesque community we have a huge respect for our past. We love all our queens of the past years, and some of these

A young Tempest Storm

dazzling ladies from the golden age of burlesque still perform today! One of these temptresses include Miss Tempest Storm, born in 1928, her carreer really took off in the 1950’s, she even worked with the queen of pinups Bettie Page! Tempest’s career spanned more than 50 years, this being one of the longest any lady has worked in the burlesque industry for! She announced her retirement 1995 at the age of 65, though she still performs in as a featured performer at such events as Miss Exotic World.

What does the future hold for burlesque? The art of the teese is growing in popularity, big burlesque stars are more in the limelight than ever. Ladies like Dita Von Teese, Michelle L’amour and many others are featured all over the internet, magazines, and on TV. With this many positive things have come, we have more people attending shows and classes, more small businesses related to burlesque starting up, magazines and so much more. With this growing industry, there’s also more room for the misrepresentation of burlesque. The “Burlesque” movie being on of the biggest I’ve seen yet, in my opinion one of the biggest aspect for myself, is the striptease, in this movie there was probably one scene, one scene in the entire film that captured a true element of burlesque. If this was a movie about a cabaret club, with lots of musical theatre styled performing, then this movie would have hit the nail on the head. It had bought a lot of fans to burlesque, but not always under the right assumptions, we now have on my troupes website saying that my course is not like the burlesque movie, if you’re after that style to try the cabaret course.

This film did not harm the burlesque industry, but other shows, and movies may do this in the future. In Melbourne, Australia there’s a reality TV show being made at the moment about new burlesque performers who will will battle it out to be apart of a local troupe. Now even if the production does have the best intentions at heart, and portray the burlesque element perfectly, there’s still a massive hole for misinterpretation. It is a reality TV show after all. They’ll want drama, and drama they’ll get, with many new performers being quite the divas, not understanding all the hard work we put into this. Any bitchiness that our industry has is kept behind closed doors, these doors will disappear on this show, the professionalism is gone. It also bothers me a little that their publicist has been calling it “the show for wannabe burlesque stars”, we’re not “wannabes”, we’re professionals, that itself I feel will attract people who want the fame, rather that one who adore burlesque, its history, and enjoy performing. I do truly hope that this show proves me wrong, and makes the burlesque industry in Australia even stronger.

More updates are coming soon, so stay tuned!

Lady Lace

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