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Bits ‘n’ Bobs.

Greetings to all my lovely readers!

I hope everyone had a truly fabulous Christmas, and a very happy new year! Classes have recommenced, shows and shoots are being booked, and we’re back into the full swing of things! We have many exciting projects for 2012, many of which are still top secret but I really can’t wait to share with all of you what we have on! Our next big shows will be hapening at Fring World 2012, all details for our 18 can be viewed on my official website, on the “Shows” page. I will soon be announcing which dates you can catch me at. I’m also proud to be annoucning on the 10th of Feb I will be modelling on the catwalk for Romantic Rock Deigns, a designer all the way from Calfifornia, America! All these details are also soon to be added to “Shows” page.

2nd last shoot with Pop Studios

In the next month I have numerous amazing photoshoots booked, including some cute vintage pinup shots, and darker themed shoots. I’m very excited to be working with so many new photographers and designers. I should have some photos to show just after Australia day. I’m also finishing up my work with Pop Studios, I’ve had such an amazing time and have learnt so many things being a model in the photography workshops, and hope to one day see work with them again, the final shoot is wednesday the 18th.

In last week’s burlesque starlet class we learnt about costuming tricks to the trade. Fringing is such a beautiful detailing, and bead fringing is my favourite! The one problem is for a metre or two it usually cost between $15-$20, which is quite expensive! I’ve just began to read a book with a range of beading techniques including fringing, flowers, tassels and many other pretty embellishments, I’m looking forward to getting home to try some of these idea! It will take a lot longer, but be a lot cheaper and more personalised. There are many craft related books that can be very useful for enhancing your costuming, remember if it doesn’t work the first time don’t give up! Everything takes practice, even victory rolls take A LOT of practising before you perfect the art.

My new logo!

I’m also very happy to announce my new logo has be finalised by Paranoir Designs a design company owned my Paranoir an alternative model friend of mine (who I should hopefully be shooting with sometime in the near future)! Let me know what you think!

I’ve also decided this year, especially with beginning WAAPA studying costuming that I’m becoming a lot more organised, this includes with this blog, so be expect a new post every week, as well as more of an insight into my life. With all our Fringe shows, and everything else I’ll never be without something to write about!

Much love (as always),

Lady Lace


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