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Fringing Around

Hello again!

Welcome to all my new readers who’ve showed much support for my last post!  I wasn’t expecting it to reach so many people. If anyone has any requests for subjects, tutorials, or information about burlesque or pinups I’d love to hear them! Also thoughts on the new layout would be great.

Myself in the paper!

Fringe World 2012 is a very busy time for us, we have over 18 shows in which we will be hosting. The Burlesque Garden and Lucha Roayle (both these are linked to Facebook event pages) are our two shows which will be on up to three times every week! For more information you can check the Fringe World website, or pick up an event planner from most retail stores. We have picked up a lot of publicity for these shows including being featured in Perth Voice, The Post, and The Sunday Times (in which you can see photos of myself) as well as both our shows being listed in the Top 10 things to see at The Treasury (the venue for our shows). I’ll only be perform at a select few shows, but will be at most mingling with guests, roving performing, and stage handing. If you wish to see me perform, the show I’ll be featured in include:

Lucha Royale: 
27th of Jan: 10:30pm – 11:30pm @ The Treasury
28th of Jan: 7:00pm – 7:15pm (Featured performer spot @ The Urban Orchid next to the Art Gallery)
28th of Jan: 10:30pm – 11:30pm @ The Treasury
3rd of Feb: 10:30pm – 11:30pm @ The Treasury

The Burlesque Garden: 
3rd of Feb: 11pm – 12am @ The  Treasury
11th of Feb: 11pm – 12am @ The Treasury

Romantic Rock Designs:
10th of Feb: 8pm – 2am @ The Bakery (Modelling on the catwalk)

Seaside Siren Pasties from The Starlet Collection.

With all my costuming, and starting WAAPA this year studying costuming, I will soon to be posting  a lot more costume photos, as well as tutorials for basic costuming. I will also be selling a range of pasties inspired from my favourite pasties I’ve used in my acts, including the Seaside Siren Pasties to the left of this text. Custom pasties, and other costumes and props are available to order. Any inquiries can be made at missladylace@hotmail.com!

Two major photoshoots will be taking part with two amazing photographers, so get excited to see some awesome shots!

A new post is coming very soon!

Kindest regards,
Lady Lace

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