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A Blaize of Immodesty

Even when putting on her costume Immodesty is looking glamourous.

Time and time again something I always come back to talk about is burlesque costuming, in my mind its of the most important elements to burlesque. Neglecting your costume when making an act can be the difference between a true spectacle and an average show. Immodesty Blaize is probably one of my favourite costumed performers out there, no matter what she’s always covered head to toe in rhinestone opulence. She is also another perfect example that you don’t need to be a stick size six (not that there’s anything wrong with this) to be a a truly beautiful and talented burlesque queen. Not only had she got the look, but she has talent by the bucket loads, with the reigning title of Miss Exotic World to prove it.

Along with Dita Von Teese, Catherin D’lish, Michelle Lamour, and many other burlesque stars, she is someone who inspires me, and  pushes me to bigger and better things. I adore that she has so many GIANT props (telephone, rocking horse, and much more), I myself incorporate my giant martini glass into many of my acts, as well as my bubble bath, feather fans, and giant beach ball! This is something you again don’t need a huge budget for, you can use chairs, top hates, canes, and other inexpensive props in your acts too! The crazier the better.

Tips for burlesque stars in the making!  (Costume Tips)

  • You don’t need a huge budget to look amazing, most of my costumes are just plain bits lingerie that I’ve complete altered into something amazing, cutting and pasting, sewing and sticking. You can also op shop for old vintage gowns and turn them into pieces of art to showcase on stage!
  • Rhinestones, beads and sequins are your best friend! A lot of people hate these three things because it can be a little tacky when worn in everyday attire. Adorning these to your costume will not, stage lighting illuminates anything shiny! We’re all about glamour so I more than recommend glueing (with hot glue gun, or special gemstone to fabric glue you can purchase from Spotlight) these to your costumes.
  • AVOID BLACK! So many performers neglect the fact that 90% of your time your backdrop will be black, and if your costume isn’t completely covered in crystals or sequins you will blend in with the background. So if you want to wear just black be prepared to invest a lot of time into making your costume stand out. Another really good idea is to have another colour to go with the black (black and blue, black and purple, ect..) this will break up the solid black costume, and make you STAND OUT.
  • Always wear stage jewellery this is a HUGE part of your costume, if you made a fabulous dress, and wear small diamond earrings and necklace the audience won’t be able to see it, so you lose glamour.
  • If you use a prop, for example a test tube, be sure not to use a small one, as the audience can be up to 50-100 metres away and they won’t be able to see it. The bigger the better. 😉
  • Burlesque isn’t about hiding in the corning, its about being a true spectacle, so make yourself shine, and give it all you got! If you try your best you’ll have nothing to regret!

    Before I head off, I’ll leave you all with this amazing video featuring many of my favourites (including Immodesty) in a documentary about burlesque costumes. It will showcase what to aim for and help you all out with something burlesque costuming ideas!

    PS. Don’t forget we have many  show on this week, including my new martini act “The Exotic Rose” (name change!) Check out The Burlesque Garden and The Lucha Royale for more details!

    PPS. I’ve finally made a public Facebook account, for a more personal touch with all of you. Click HERE to add me as a friend!

    Much love,
    Lady Lace

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