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Rose Petals

Greetings all!

Another busy week down, just this one to go until I commence full-time study, studying Costume at WAAPA. I talk about being busy now but I don’t think I’ve seen anything yet. I’m hoping to have a full post with makeup history as well a few tutorials for vintage glamour!

All Glammed Up!

I finally had the time to decorate my martini glass, with a day to spare before debuting my new act “The Exotic Rose” at our Burlesque Garden show, at Fringe World Perth. Ideally my dream is to have it completely covers in crystals, but for now, I’ve taken a more time practical and cheaper option. This being another great example you don’t need a huge budget to make some shine. All I’ve used in beaded trim, some fake roses, ribbon, and sequin material. Sewn directly to the base of the martini glass. These same concepts can be used to decorate any prop! If you’re not comfortable with sewing, you can either use a craft glue, or easier and quicker (but not as long lasting) hot glue gun to attach embellishments to any prop or costume. Just remember to keep in my what elements may effect your prop or costume (water, sweat, wear and tear,fraying and anything else that may alter your costume).  (Sorry for the mess in the room, Lace Studios get a little messy when I get crafty)

With many hours spent fixing this up, Friday night was the big night for debuting this act at a sold out show, with two hours to go, we began to set up the martini glass, only to over tighten a screw and have it break, with no spare it was looking pretty bad, but luckily we found a screw, fitting perfect, but well enough to last the weekend. No matter how much you prepare there’s always room for error whether it be a costume malfunction, or problem with a prop, the show does go on though. The show all went amazingly well and I had the privilege to meet many new people as well new performers! If you’re interested in seeing either our Burlesque Garden or Lucha Roayle Show, be sure to book your tickets, as both Garden shows I performed in last week were sold out! You can do this by checking out fringeworld.com.au. I also have Hotel Calfiornia…In Perth this Friday night, which is a fashion show with Romantic Rock Designs (a pinup clothing designers all way from California, America), so be sure to come down and say hi, and see me on the catwalk.

Photography by Astrant Photographic

Oh! I also have a sneak peep from last night’s shoot with Astrant Photographic, not only did we get to emulate a scene from An American Beauty but also got to play around with a post-appocolyptic Jessica Rabbit with cigars, guns, netting, and military crates. I’m very exciting to show you the rest as well as more photos from my shoot with Simone Addison Photography last week! (please not in the photo to the right, I’m not nude, nor close it it)

I’ve also just updated my new layout on my website, so please do have a look, some feedback would be amazing!


More updates very soon!
Much love,
Lady Lace

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