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Modern Burlesque

My Classic Fan Dance @ Melbourne's Australian Burlesque Festival

In burlesque we call modern day performers “neo burlesque performers” (neo meaning new), and burlesque performers from the golden age of burlesque (1920’s till late 1950’s) classic performers. When you see a show you may hear the MC announcing an acts as neo, and other as classic, this is usually not because they’re a performer from the 50’s, but because the style of the act is classically styled, so something you’d see in the golden age, maybe a fan dance, or a very glamourous routine with music styled or actually from that era. A neo routine is modern, usually modern dance style with elements of burlesque sometime to modern music (you can also do classic styled burlesque dancing to modern music to really mix it up). I personally categorise myself as a classic performer, as I specialise in the vintage art of the tease.

When I began to learn burlesque I adored classic burlesque, but I wanted to try something out of my comfort zone, something different. My first routine was a dark cabaret inspired piece performed to Circus Contraption’s “Charmed I’m Sure”, I start of in a suitcase in a very cute outfit with a top hat. Its still one my favourites, but I found myself swooning over all the queens of the golden age, and working more on classic routines. I found I was trying to be to diverse and not sticking as much to the things that I love the most. When I perform I want to inspire and educate of an art which until recently has been near dead, still many of the general public have no clue what burlesque is. I want capture opulence, glamour and excessiveness. I do dabble in all styles though, and love to try new things.

Most burlesque artist will be able to perform both styles, as diversity is something thats really good to have, and will widen your chances for work (adding to experience if you’re new to the scene), as not everyone wants gorelesque (horror burlesque) and not everyone loves classic burlesque. In saying this, there’s no law saying you have to, its your art, express yourself however you want, and don’t listen to anyone who tries to hold you back!

Hope you like the videos! (They’re some of my favourites)

Much love,
Lady Lace

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