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Miss Pinup Australia Grand Finals!

Just last week Mixi Mitosis, Adriana Obscenities, and myself travelled over to Sydney to represent Western Australia in the Miss Pinup Australia Grand Finals! After just over a 4 hour flight we settled into our new surroundings with three big days of rehearsing, and learning our secret surprise opening number, with a song made for our competition with artist singing live on stage with us! Miss Pixie on the night also surprised us with lindy hopping out during this performance! Though rehearsal days were long, and left us all with pretty darn sore feet we made some new amazing friends, and perfected what was going to be one amazing show!

Our final pose in our opening number!

After also perfecting my routines and poses, the big day/night was here!  We all arrived at the venue at 2pm, to be stunned with just how amazing the decorations were for our show! The seats and tables were furnished with adorable baby pink, white and black satin, which gave the most glamorous atmosphere!  Though the night was a little longer than intended it ran mostly smoothly and from all the audience members who I was lucky enough to speak with every lady who stepped out on stage was a show stopper, and no matter who won, they wouldn’t be surprised as the quality was just so high!

My Daywear Outfit.

As the night drew to an end, the judgers came together to tally the results, all the major titleholders were announced, and it was time for the announcement of who had taken out the title for Miss Pinup Australia 2011/2012! The suspense was built up and winner is Miss Lushes Lashes, from the Miss Classic category!

Miss Lushes Lashes

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped me in this contest including my friends, and family, my loving partner who travelled all the way with me to Sydney, my sponsors CMR Photography and Kornelia Klosets, as well as Boogie Bop Dames, and the sponsors that made the show possible, and of course all the ladies involved in this competition. Though I didn’t win, I didn’t lose either, I gained so much from this experience (including the title of Miss Perfect Pinup Western Australia), and so many new friends. You may even see me again next Year!
So mucg love,
Lady Lace

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