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Sugar Du Joure @ The BurlyQ Revue

Hooray for this weather finally cooling down! To counter this I have some news soon to announce that will really heat you up and keep you warm all winter long! But to keep you in suspense you’ll have to wait a little longer to hear all the big news! I’ll also be revealing a new act with another crazy big prop, of which I’ll be flashing a sneak peak of my costume tonight on my Facebook page. Unfortunately for now, we only heaps of private shows, and hens nights booked, but the moment I can announce more details, you’ll have them hot off the press!

I’m excited to announce many new collaborations taking place over the next few weeks, I’ll be working with many amazing photographers including A Grade Photographic, Luke Milton Photography, and more names to be announced. I’ve also just had a meeting with the dazzling David Grant, a local Perth artist who I’ll be posing for in his project A Mayhem of Models which will have an exhibition towards the end of the year, that all the public are welcome to come!

Lady Velvet Cabaret

I’d also like to wish a big congratulations to everyone in our last show, The BurlyQ Revue, especially to all our students debuting some of their first appearances on stage!

PS. Lady Velvet Cabaret now has a BLOG so you should all go check it out!

More news soon!


Much love,
Lady Lace

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