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A Fiery Show!

Greetings all!

My classic fan dance! (Photography by Monica Blaauw)

Its been a huge two weeks! We’ve just last Sunday had our amazing Daring Buds of May shows where we had many of of dazzling graduates debut on the burleyque stage! As well as all our Lady Velvet Cabaret Artistist! Some of the spectacles included our stupendous MC Lucinda Panties, Sugar Du Joure’s debut of her Babula act, Lola Moore’s Greek act and my new FIERRY Snow White act which really got the crowd begging for more!

I’d like to congratulate all our daring buds who took to the stage for the very first time, it takes a lot of courage to get up on stage! You were all fabulous! It takes a lot to perform for the very first time, but once you get over that first speed hump its a whole lot easier, performing, especially performing the tantalising art of the strip tease gives you so much confidence and the audience is so very supportive. If anyone would like to take to the stage we do have many courses to offer at our Lady Velvet Cabaret Website, but if anyone would like some advice or anything else, please feel free to email me at missladylace@hotmail.com

My FIERY new act!

Thank you to Miss Vita  Flame and everyone from LVC for putting this show together!

Not only has it been a busy time for burlesque with many corporate shows and hens nights, but also for the pinup within! I have three photoshoots this week, 2 down so far, and one to go! Monday afternoon I met with Luke from LM Shoots for our photoshoot, where we were working on his card series. This is a huge series involving 54 models individually shooting to create a deck of cards that will be available to purchase! We also after shooting the first set decided to to an impromptu set for his new super villain series, which will have a series of male and female models dressed as super villains and made into trading cards including stats and bios! Overall the shoot went fantastically, and I love the overall results, but you can make your mind up about what you think! I also have  a HUGE project linked to a burlesque act I’ll be working with LM Shoots to create! Stay tuned for sneak peeps!

I shot with Pop Studios, and amazing bunch photography students last night, and will hopefully have some shots to share with you all very soon! I also have a shoot planned for tomorrow afternoon with Kelly Van Photography!

Don’t forget our new LUCHA ROYALE show is next month! Be sure to buy your tickets early as this is out sell out award winning event from Perth Fringe Festival 2012!!! I will also be debuting my OUT OF THE WORLD act, and hopefully have a stall selling some cute things!

For out Lucha Royale Show, I’m requiring 2-4 backup dancers for the introduction to my act, if your interested (and have some performance/burlesque experience) please email me at missladylace@hotmail.com for more information!

Warmest regards in this ever cooling weather,
Lady Lace

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