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Perth's very own pinup queen, burlesque artist, producer, & blogger.

Welcome Back!

Greetings to all my beautiful friends, fans, and followers!

You’ve probably noticed a large absence on my part online. I FINALLY, had my computer repaired today after many weeks without it! I do apologies for any inconvenience I’ve caused anyone! I will be promptly replying all emails I haven’t already got back to!

In the last few weeks you’ve missed a few big things, including our Fringe World Perth People’s Choice award winning show The Lucha Royale where I performed my Exotic Rose performance (photos soon to come) and hosted a stall selling cute burlesque and pinup costumes, cupcakes and other fun things! It was a truly amazing show featuring the amazing Lucha wrestlers, Sugar Du Joure’s dominating dominatrix act, an exotic belly dancer, and so much more!

My stall at The Lucha Royale

I was also so very lucky to collaborate with the amazing Kelly, a photography student at ECU. Kelly is a beautiful lady who’s only just gone back to university to learn the art of photography and boy oh boy does she already have some amazing talent! See below for our spectacular results! I’m also very happy to be announcing we’re working on a new fabulous shoot very soon!

Photography by Kelly


Photography by Kelly


Photography by Kelly


Keep an eye out for more exciting posts!

Warmest regards,
Lady Lace

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