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Greeting my lovelies! 

First off I’d like you all give a warm welcome to Burlesque Baby proudly a new sponsor for an up and coming project that myself, and www.lmshoots.com commence next week! Burlesque Baby is one of my favourite stores in Perth, that makes up most of my wardrobe! They specialise in pinup, rockabilly, psychobilly, burlesque fashion with both mens, womens and children clothing and accessories! Not only do they have a spectacular range, but they also have the most opulent store, that creates a beautiful atmosphere! You can see for yourself by visiting their store that is located 567 Wellington Street in Perth City (just down the road from the train station) or by visiting their online store at www.burlesquebaby.com.au!  


Now to the my big news to do with our HUGE pinup project we all commence on next week!  As I’m into the art of the tease, I’ll not just yet be revealing the big news, but if you’d like to find out what it is by days end, all I need you to do is click HERE and “like” this post. If by the end of the day we’ve reached 70+ “likes” I will unveil the promo poster, if this isn’t reached today, I may reveal once it has, or wait till the first part is complete which would be a two week wait for all you eager beavers! 

I hope to be writing another post this evening with the big news, if not we will talk soon! 😉 

Warmest regards, 
Lady Lace
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www.facebook.com/missladylace.pinup [Public account, add me as a friend!]


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