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The Importance of Training.

Myself performing at the 2011 Australian Burlesque Festival in Melbourne.

I encourage everybody to try burlesque, you need no skill, dance experience or coordination to attend a burlesque class. It’s an art where you don’t need to be a size 0 model or have any certain body requirements at all. Confidence is the key to an amazing act, and if don’t feel you have this yet, this is something you will work on in most burlesque classes. With all of this is mind, if you’re considering taking burlesque seriously or are already working in a professional setting its important to further develop pre-existing skills. Though you may already have some spectacular talent, its important you continue to grow this, and develop further skills.

You can attend regular acting classes. This will improve your performance skills; how you carry yourself on stage, make you more expressive, build your confidence, and help you perform different characters on stage. You can also take other performance-based classes like circus, pole dance dancing, or anything you’d prefer.
I’d also highly recommend taking dance classes too. I take ballet, jazz, and contemporary classes on a weekly basis, and on occasion other styles like blues and swing if I have the time. You can pick whatever style you like, or you try different classes till you find what suit you best. Dancing is a great way to keep fit, improve your flexibility, core strength and coordination, improve technique, extend you knowledge and extend your dance moves.

At the end of the day, the hard work you put into your training, will really pay off in your acts, and improve you as a performer, the burlesque scene is a small industry in a way, you should strive to be the best you can.

If you’re looking for a dance academy my troupe Lady Velvet Cabaret offers a large range of classes from cabaret to ballet. I also offer private lesson through LVC, and will hopefully be going back to teach regular classes.

If you’d like any other advice feel free to email me at the address listed below too.

Warmest regards,
Lady Lace
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www.facebook.com/missladylace.pinup [Public Account, add me as a friend!]

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