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A lot of people spend their time 9-5 working or studying and do a little extra work outside for this. It’s different for people who love their jobs and/or are truly committed to them. Being in the performance and modelling industry (or any other creative industry) you’re ALWAYS working, your mind is always churning out new ideas, and there’s no limit, this is 24/7!  A lot of work goes into creating a routine, rehearsing, makeup, hair, styling, costuming and much more!

The LVC ladies hard at work! (Photo featured in The West Australian newspaper)

Though this is my holiday away from WAAPA, which usually takes up at least 9am till 6pm of my day (sometimes we have to be there as late as 11pm!) I fill my days with as much as possible. I rehearse routines for upcoming shows, exercise, perfect technique and strength and take dance classes. I’m constantly updating my websites online, emailing and everything else. If I go out I’m constantly getting ideas from surroundings, always looking for costumes, props and anything else. Though it is healthy to turn off all of this by doing hobbies you love, its important to remember great things never came to those who waited around; they came to those who worked their derrieres off!

With all of this in mind, I thought I’d share a few self promotional/networking tips:

  • You can meet a work contact anyway! I’ve met people I’ve now worked with everywhere from cafes, to walking down the street. Be sure to always carry your business cards on you! You want to be confident and come off as professional.
  • Everyone you meet whether they’re a student in your class, co-worker, photographer, promoter and anyone else related to your chosen field can affect your future. For instance one of the lovely girls in my first showgirl course is now my boss at Lady Velvet Cabaret, this class is what gave me the network to her, and the opportunity to get a place in her troupe 2 years later! Treat everybody you meet with respect, because chances are they may offer you a job, or at least give you a recommendation to someone who may.
  •  Be careful what you post! Performers, promoters, photographers, show organisers, producers, fans and many other people see everything you post online, and what you post can effect if you get hired for shoots or shows. If you have something that you don’t want everybody to see, or is more personal ONLY post it on your personal account which should be separate to your public pages!

I hope this has been of some use to you!  As always if you’d like anymore advice feel free to email me!

Warmest regards,
Lady Lace
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www.facebook.com/missladylace.pinup [Public Account, add em as a friend!]

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