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Perth, the place to be!

Greetings all!

I thought today I’d make a quick post about Perth, and how amazing it is.

When I was young I wasn’t the biggest fan of Perth at all, I felt there wasn’t much to do, it was so small, and a combination of different aspects just weren’t appealing to me. As I got older I realised just how amazing this city is and just how much it has changed, or at least seemed to change to me over these years. In just the burlesque aspect we have a very unique scene, our troupes are filled with soloist performers as well as group performers who create a new standard, and its only going up from here as the bar is high. In the last few years Perth has hosted Fringe Festival (which is only getting bigger), The Australian Burlesque Festival, and many other ever growing arts events! How many places have a place as spectaular as Devilles Pad!

Me performing my Exotic Rose act at our regular event Lucha Royale!

One of the conintuously mentioned issues with Perth is our arts scene is non-existent, I don’t agree with this, we’ve come so far, but we can grow from here! Now there’s nothing wrong with moving, but I’ve found a lot of Perth’s talents moves to bigger pastures and have become incredibly successful. I’d love to travel and perform more once I finish studying, but Perth is where my heart is, and I can’t make any promises, but I hope to always be based in Perth. To fuel our arts scene we needed dedicated artist who wish to stay based here!

I’m always posting up Perth events on my page, but if you’d like a few links to other pages that promote them or event pages please let me know!

PS. We have our next grad show on August 5th at YaYa’s in Northbridge, its our Adventures In Burlesque Show! Please come down and support some of your local artist, as well as our debuting graduates! Tickets are only $15 at the door, check out Event Page for more information!

Much love,
Lady Lace
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