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Burlesque Performer of the Week!

Greetings all on this rainy day!

I started a weekly update on here a while ago, that unfortunately I didn’t have time to continue, but I’ve decided to start it up again! This is my burlesque performer of the week blog where I’ll bring one of my favorite burlesque performers to the limelight, and include a little info about them, photos and videos. This will feature performers from the golden age of burlesque and modern times, performers who we all know as well as up and coming talents, both international and local!

With the re-release of this weekly update I thought I’d start with one of my favorite neo-burlesque (modern) performers. She began her career in burlesque at the age of 22 years old. In 2005 she won Miss Exotics World with her Snow White act, after only performing for three years of performing burlesque!! In 2006 and she brought herself further into the limelight by performing (first video below) on America’s Got Talent!

If you’ve not seen this lady in action, you’ve really been missing out. This weeks burlesque performer of the week, is the dazzling Michelle L’amour!

Michelle L’amour
is a captivating performer who has diverse range of spectacular performances. She has made a huge contribution to the art of tease and really taken it to a whole new level!  She annual performs all over and America, been in countless burlesque festivals and had numerous tours. As of 2008 she opened Studio L’amour, her own burlesque school with regular performances, as well her regular event with Franky Vivid Naked Girls Reading.

If you haven’t already, you should defniately check out her other videos on youtube!

Warmest regards,
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