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Modelling For A Cause.

Good afternoon my lovelies!

Last Sunday I was lucky enough to work with Hex Photography and Lissa Jaye Makeup Artistry on a rather amazing project in which I have a rather different look! This collaboration project is a series of E-cards, which are being sent in high resolution for donations, with all the proceeds going to the Cancer Council of WA.

Sample Image!

I myself have unfortunately had many relatives who’ve been diagnosed with Cancer and many others who’ve passed on from this horrible disease. This project is very close to home to me, and I believe we should be doing all we can to help prevent ourselves, future generations and current cancer patients from suffering. Donations can be made upward of $1, no matter how small your donation this is going to a truly worthy cause and all amounts will help. For more information and to make a donation please see Hex’s Page.

Thank you to all those who’ve taken part in this project, and to all who’ve donated!

Much love,

Lady Lace
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