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The Burlesque Handbook by Jo Weldon

Recently I’ve been reading Jo Weldon’s “The Burlesque Handbook” (I definitely recommend this to all performers, professional or aspiring) for the 100000000th time, and started to pick out my music for Miss Burlesque 2013, when I thought of the important of music.  Music is one of the first things the audience takes in within your performance. A lot of performers fail to see the importance of song choice.  The music sets the mood, often establishes a theme, and often dictates the style of your performance. You can go against the music, for instance a performance to classic music where you’re movement and facial expressions are quite crude and comical, or go against what the music would have you naturally do (harsh movements to soft music) but more often than not, you’ve developed a theme, designed a costume, established your choreography’s intent and pick a song which ties all of these together and you want the audience to see this too.

You want to consider how the audience will react to this? If the song is popular or will recognised you’re quite likely to get a larger applause and the audience will get into it more, in saying this you may want avoid songs done to death. A burlesque fan who regularly attends show will know all the tunes that are overdone in the burlesque word, and in a way not make a performance as special, for a lot of new members of the audience it will be a completely new experience, and shouldn’t lead you to ignore a burlesque cliché. If you perform the most spectacular routine, and have an opulent unique costume, you’ll stand out no matter what!

Me performing my signature fan dance!

Its good to check first if the song you’re using is one a well-known performer in your area performs to a lot. If the audience has seen that song done by someone who’s been performing for years and done a splendid job at creating a beautiful act to, they’ll often end up comparing your act, to theirs. This also applies to if your song is well known for certain choreography or a music video, musical or anything else with choreography you’ll also be compared to this. So it’s good to consider this first.

If you want more than one song mixed together, or with sound effect its best to have someone professionally editing it so to have the best result, but if you’re quite computer savvy, the program I find works best with a little practice is Garage Band. If you feel your music sounds “cheaply” edited, the audience is more than likely to hear it too so its best to attempt to re-edit it, or have it professionally done.

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