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Big things!

Greetings all!

Yesterday evening I had an amazing meeting with the local online store Pretty Dress Clothing, I can’t say too much at the moment, but we’ve got some pretty HUGE things planned.  I’m very excited to share all the exciting things we’re soon to be getting up to, and will hopefully be able to share a little with you after this Saturday! For all lovers of vintage clothing, and styling should watch this space closely! Be sure to check out their fabulous website too.

I’m also happy to share a few more photos from my shoot with Naomi Craigs Photography!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Graduated Show Poster!

This week I have plenty of exciting things going on! I’ll be working for a promotional launch with my agency in the city, on Saturday I’ll hopefully be commencing something pretty big with Pretty Dress Clothing, that evening I have corporate function of which I’m debuting a new martini glass routine. On the Sunday I’ll be shooting with Suzi Homemaker and Miss JamJam, and in the evening we have our spectacular show The Graduates, a show not to be missed!

More updates coming very soon!

Much love,


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