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The Signature Style.

Good evening everybody!

As promised here is my post on signature styling!

Dita Von Teese

If you look at Dita Von Teese, Bettie Page, Mosh or any other successful pinup you’ll see that they each possess qualities that make them pop! To stand out from the crowd you’ve got to be a showstopper, but how do you be a showstopper? A huge component of this is the styling of these pinups; if you look at each of these dazzling beauties they have their own signature styles. So what’s your signature style? Firstly you should understand what a signature look is. This is something about you, of which people identify you with, for instance the majority of people would be able to identify Bettie Page for her hairstyle, and girl next door look. You can have a signature makeup style, clothing style, hairstyle, colour you wear, nail polish, signature shoe style, absolutely anything your heart desires!

A closer look at my signature victory roll.

If you haven’t already developed your own signature style think about all the best qualities of you, and what makes up your pinup persona (are you cute and cheeky or dark and sultry?) Create an inspiration board of all your favourite styles, pinup, colours, and anything else you like and think about how this could influence you. Create your signature look through all the things you adore! You could have your favourite colour as your signature nail colour, or hair colour. Is there a pinup hairstyle you already wear daily? This is more than likely your signature hair already! If not, experiment with you hair. I first discovered the victory roll before the revolution of “how to” YouTube videos, (or at least before I’d personally discovered them). I was in love with the pinup look, and was setting my hair in rollers, when I thought to myself “how cool would it look to have this curl sitting upright without the roller in!” And with a lot of trial and error my signature front victory roll was born, and I’ve been doing it now for 6 years!! So dare to experiment, you’ll be surprise with what you discover!

Miss Mosh

Though it can be amazing to draw inspiration and pay homage to other pinups you don’t want to be a clone. You’re beautiful as yourself, so be yourself not someone else! If you travel down the path of being a coping you will often be compared to this person, and this is not always positive. Lastly I thought I’d conclude this post with what my signature styles are. There’s of course my signature victory roll, vibrant red hair, vintage attire, small waist, porcelain skin, bright red lips, cat eyes, and beauty mark above my lip on the left (even moles can be signature!) More updates coming very soon!

Much love,








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