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The Miss Pinup Western Australian State Final!

MIss Pinup Australia!

MIss Pinup Australia


The Miss Pinup Western Australia state finals are just over a week away now! All of the competitors including myself are super excited and nervous for this life changing event, and we’d love for all of your to be apart of this amazing experience.

The Grand Finals 2012

The Grand Finals 2012

MPA is more than just a contest for us, as I previously stated it’s a life-changing event, and is on the opposite end of the spectrum from a typical pageant or modelling contest. This contest is for self-growth, and teaches us self-confidence coupled with some good old-fashioned vintage glamour.

From my own experience in this contest in 2011/12 as well as 2013 thus far I feel I’ve been very privileged to be apart of this, there’s truly nothing like it, I’ve been apart of many different events, and contests and none are as supportive as this. MPA has helped me grow into a more understanding person, aided my self-confidence to blossom (even as a professional performer and model I have had insecurities which I’m proudly concurring), as well as bringing so many ladies into my life that are now lifelong friend! It has also strengthened my love for vintage glamour, which I’ve had for over 6 years now, and continues to help me grow in so many other ways!

Miss Perfect Pinup WA (Lady Lace) & Runner Up (Mixi Mitosis)

Miss Perfect Pinup WA (Lady Lace) & Runner Up (Mixi Mitosis) 2011/12

Holding the Miss Perfect Pinup Western Australia title for 2011/12 has been an amazing experience, which has enabled me to help so many, I’ve received so many emails about pinups, pinup modelling, vintage glamour and the contest itself that I’ve been able to help and inspire other beautiful ladies out there. The title would mean nothing to me if I weren’t able to give back in some way.

Audience members expressed to me at both the state final and national final what an amazing experience it was to be apart of the contest just by supporting all these beautiful ladies on stage. A lot women of which mainstream society would not usually give credit to, and of which a lot of us have suffered ridicule for the way we look or dress, but here they can shine on stage and show the world our radiant beauty is qual to everyone else!

MPA has done so much for so many, personally the people behind this have helped me grow so much, I’d like to thank Miss Pixie, and everyone else behind the scenes that makes this possible! (Be sure to check out the MPA’s sponsors!)

I feel with all this said you should understand the importance supporting this courageous event, I truly hope to see you all there.  For more information about this event, please head to the event page.

If you’d like to chat about the contest or anything pinup related, please feel free to email myself, or come have a chat with on night of the Miss Pinup WA state final!
Warmest regards,
Lady Lace

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