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LibrarianPinUpHello Everyone!

I often am asked how I  juggle the a billion and one projects I’m always working on, I didn’t use to have much of an answer other than I love to keep busy, but in the last couple weeks I’ve pinpointed what holds it all together. It all essentially, for me at least, comes down to three things; keeping a diary, lists and a journal.I recently had a few days off that made me a little slack with keeping up with tight regime, and I noticed how much these simple things made my life stay on track.

I remember in high school they’d always tell us how important coming to use a diary would be, but back then I didn’t quite believe it, and what do you know, a diary dictates my life, without it I’d not know what I’m doing next week. A diary allows you to keep track of everything, including important deadlines. It is the key for any professional so you don’t miss anything important, and so you do not double book. Modelling and performing completing rely on myself preparing in time according with how timeline I have for these projects.

Making monthly/weekly/daily lists is something I started so I could break down all aspects of what needed to be done for projects, for instance I’ll often have a day by day plan coming up to show that tells me what I need to achieve that day so that I will be ready on time for the performance, even for an act I’ve done a million times, keeping up with rehearsals, and keeping my fitness at the level that is need for this. It also allows me to make sure I remember small jobs that if not reminded about I’d forget.

Finally keeping a journal gives me a place to review how I’m going on a project, vent my problems, and find resolutions, write what I think I’m able to do better on next time. It allows me to keep track on my exercise and fitness, and so much more. Even if I just write half a page, it can put my mind at rest that I know I’m on the right track.

These are all own personal ways of keeping on top of life, and I hope they work for you!

Be sure to watch this space as I have some pretty cool blogs on the way including a dress review, my featured pinup of the month, and a whole blog dedicated to my favourite retro and antique stores in Perth, with some features of what I’ve bought lately.

Much love,
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