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Betty Grable

Betty Grable

I recently posted a up a status letting all my friends and fans know if they have any questions concerning anything pinup/burlesque/vintage related to send them through, and I’d answer them to the best of my ability and possibly post up blogs regarding them. Today’s question comes from the beautiful Joleen (aka Miss Dolly Bow Peep), concerning the attention drawn to you when you dress pinup:

 “I’m relatively new to vintage styling and have been trying to pull it off for about a year. The biggest thing for me is confidence as I have very little. How would you cope with being the stand out in the crowd when you’re used to being in the background? I feel good at home and before I head out but as soon as I’m in public and people start giving you weird looks I get quite anxious, Do I look alright? Am I being stupid doing this?”

Hilda the pinup showing beauty doesn't have a size

Hilda the pinup showing beauty doesn’t have a size

This is not a stupid question at all and it’s a question I know many ladies have asked. I think the first step is being sure you’re confident in your own skin, I recently posted up a blog about body confidence exploring what this is, and how you can improve your body image, its definitely worth the read, and will help you immensely on this subject. Vintage glamour is something that has become quite popular and in this sense it has become a more accepted look, but there are still people who are new to this movement. A lot of people who you notice staring or commenting to a friend about your decadent appearance are more often than not, not judging you, but rather just being inquisitive, as I mentioned this is something they may not have seen before. There will of course be people who aren’t too fond of this look, but each to their own. I’ve had a lot of people approach myself with comments and of this at least 95% have been positive. imagesIt’s important to remember that we only have one life; we should live it and be happy doing what we love. For this to work you’ll to stop caring what people think, in the wise words of Dita “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” The way you dress shows the world who you are! I couldn’t dream of a world where I dress “normal”, you’ve got to be true to yourself. I feel very empowered by the pinup look it holds so much elegance and beauty, and you should feel this too. To summaries all I’ve mentioned above; it’s not so much learning to cope with standing out, but rather leaning to accept yourself, and the way you are. You’re standing out for the all the right reason, it should be embraced that people notice this. If you have any questions concerning burlesque, pinup or vintage lifestyle or this blog feel free to comment below, or email myself at contact@ladylace.com.au 

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