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All in the name.

Good afternoon lovelies!

Dita Von Teese born Heather Renée Sweet

Dita Von Teese born Heather Renée Sweet

As you’ve probably noted Lady Lace is not my real name and that most pinups, and burlesque artists both classic and modern do not go by their real names too often which is a tradition that comes from the golden age of glamour where hollywood starlets seldom used their reals names, but altered or created a name for themselves that suited their glamorous lifestyle, and also to create a persona that stands out to the public. For a performer or model in this genre it is quite important, as its all in the name, your name represents your personality, your style, and most importantly it represents who you are.

I first came up with my pinup name when I first discovered this world of glamour, I would have been around 15. I thought to myself what kind of performer I’d like to be, and how I’d like the world to view me. I brainstormed all my hobbies, personality traits I liked, interests of mine, and anything else I felt relevant. I wanted a title, something that was noble, so I decided upon Lady, I then thought about my passions, one of which is sewing is one, I added my favourite fabric Lace (I actually briefly changed this to Laced to reference the corset lacing, but changed back to Lace within a few months), and thus Lady Lace was introduced to the world, a new excited chapter of my life that was about to transform me completely.

Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jeane Mortenson

Marilyn Monroe born Norma Jeane Mortenson

The best way to come up with to come up with your name is to do this too, really take into account what kind of pinup or performer character you’d like to be, are you cheeky and cute, dark and sultry or something else? Create a brainstorm of everything that inspires you, everything you love, all your hobbies, anything important in your life, and from here relate back to you character and try combinations of names, narrowing the list down till you find the perfect name, when you find it, you’ll know it! Its important before falling in love with this, if you wish to become a professional to do thorough research that no one else has this name, you’ll stand out for your name, you don’t want to be in another performer’s shadow. Once this is done, your chapter is ready to begin too!

More updates coming soon!

Much love,






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2 comments on “All in the name.

  1. jan
    November 21, 2016

    you named dita and marilyn but you havent told us your real name?

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