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Featured Pinup of the Month: June

Good afternoon lovelies!

Today I’m writing my featured pinup of the month blog, to share with you the amazing ladies who inspire me so! Lately I’ve been featuring a lot of vintage pinups who had their career during the golden age of glamour and its only today I’ve releases I’ve neglected modern day pinups, some people prefer vintage pinups, but modern pinups play a huge role in keeping this art alive!

For June’s featured lady I’ve chosen the very talented pinup model, who is also a musician, makeup artist, and burlesque performer, Raquel Reed!

Raquel Reed is an incredibly hard working women who has overcome all obstacles that have challenged her. She grew up in Souther Califormia and moved to New York at the age of 17, where she quickly became very popular in the alternative modelling scene.

Raquel won the Ink N Iron pageant in 2011 and has been featured in such magazines as Inked Girls, Retro Lovely, and Bizarre. As well as having a fabulous modelling career she works full-time for MAC cosmetics, touring with her burlesque performances and creating music.

Be sure to check out Raquel’s website:

More updates coming soon!

Much love,
Lady Lace

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