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100th Blog Post!

Good morning everybody!

Today I’m very happy to say I’ve reached my 100th blog post, 100 posts of sharing my passions, and out of 100 post I hope at least one has helped one person in their pinup journey or taught them something new about about an industry they may not have been aware of. I love what I do, and I feel its an absolute privilege to share this with the world.

Megan posing up a storm for Jennifer V Photographer.

Megan posing up a storm for Jennifer V Photographer.

To celebrate this achievement I thought I’d share photos of the exciting projects I’ve been apart of in the last week. The first being a the final week in my Pinup Bootcamp course, of which my students had their in class photoshoot with the amazing Jennifer V Photography. They did superbly well and produced some amazing photos. They also had their final rehearsal after this for their graduation show on the Sunday of this week. A new term of my Pinup course commences next week, for more information and enrolment details visit the Lady Velvet Cabaret website.

I then had a photoshoot with one of the most talented people I work, Luke Milton Photography. I’ve been working with Luke for 3 or 4 years now where we have produced amazing results which improve with each shoot. Luke is also the photographer I’ve chosen to work with soley for my 2014 pinup calendar which will be released later this year. For this shoot we created some classic pinup inspired implied nude shots, with a few with a little bit of fetish flare, and then an impromptu set of photos as a Ninja Turtle! All up we had a fantastic day, with spectacular photos. (Other photos below I didn’t mention above are new photos from a past shoot).

I also received the hard copy of a project of his I was involved with earlier in the year, his playing card project of which his been working on for quite some time, using a diverse range of models to produce something amazing.


Lady Lace in Luke Milton Photography’s playing card project.

On the Sunday I had Lady Velvet Cabaret‘s graduation show, where I performed a new routine, my Pinup Bootcamp students debuted on stage for the first time ever, as well as other grad students and Lady Velvet Cabaret professionals. The show’s theme was a night at the theatre, so I choose to tribute one of my favourite actresses in one of my favourite classic films, Betty Grable’s 1944 film, Pin Up Girl. With my ongoing training in dance of which I’m working on improving my dance skills, I incorporate the techniques I’ve learnt with classic burlesque moves to create a new act that I adore. Here are just a few photos by Matthew Lister from last night’s show.

Blog posts have been a little less frequent than I would like, but their are plenty more I have on the way, so be sure to stay tuned!

Much love,
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