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Pinup Perfect in 20 Minutes!

Hello lovelies!

A lot ladies have been commenting on vintage styling recently saying that they do not have the time to unfortunately dress pinup perfect each day, due to work commitments, having children or a variation of other reasons, so I thought I’d put together a blog on what elements you need to incorporate to achieve the pinup look in 20 minutes or less, and with practice you can probably do it in 10!

Betty Brosmer

Betty Brosmer

Depending on your makeup application skills and how quick you can do this, you may be able to get your full makeup done in under 10 minutes, but if not I do recommend the essentials including foundation (be sure to use foundation powder to set your makeup and create a matte appearance), cat eyes (if you’re not too handy with liquid eyeliner try pencil, there’s no drying time and it’s a little easier to correct mistakes, once you’re more confident try liquid), mascara to really make your eyes pop, emphasise your eyebrows with a little brown eye shadow, applied with an angle brush, pink, or peach cheeks and bright red lipstick.

Tools: Sponge (to apply foundation), Foundation brush (to apply foundation powder), eyeliner, mascara, blush brush (to apply blush), angle brush (to apply eye shadow to eyebrow), bullet brush, or lipstick brush (to apply lipstick).

Vintage snood.

Vintage snood.

One of the quickest and easiest pinup dos is to style a victory roll, barrel curl or your own signature style at the front of you hair, and then put the remaining hair in a snood (pictured to the right), being sure to pin this in place so it doesn’t fall out. You can also add flowers, headpieces and other cute accessories for a more unique look. With practice you’ll also be able to do this and instead of using a snood, incorporate a quick and easy style such as a French twist. You can also pin curl your hair the night before so when you wakeup up all you need to do is take out the curls, and style a victory roll.

Tools: Hairbrush (to brush out your hair), hairpins (to pin victory rolls, and pin your snood in place), hair spray (to smooth and set hair), and snood (to create a glamorous finish).

If you have a question regarding burlesque, pinup or vintage lifestyle feel free to comment below, or email me at missladylace@hotmail.com and they  may become a blog just like this!

More updates coming soon!

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