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Vintage Kitchen

Good morning lovelies! 

This morning when preparing breakfast I was admiring the vintage and retro items I have to decorate my kitchen, and thought I’d share with all of you what I think are the essential items to give your kitchen a little vintage flare too! I’m currently renting, so I haven’t been able to turn my kitchen into how I dream it should be, but once I have my own house I’ll be sure to make a DIY renovation blog for completely transforming your kitchen!

Photo in front of my vintage Kitchen.

Photo in front of my vintage Kitchen.

Vintage Canisters:

Vintage canisters are the ultimate kitchen accessory for any vintage lover, they’re a spectacular feature item, and very useful at the same time, I use all of my canister daily. This one came with my vintage Kitchenette I bought, but they can be bought new from kitchen stores, vintage canisters can be found at retro stores and op shops, and also on gumtree.com.au.

Retro Recipe Book Holder:

This is a cute accessory, that I have found really useful, it has prevented many of my recipe books from being damaged. I bought this from The Reject Store for $5, but they can also be found at kitchen stores, second hand stores and gumtree.com.au.

Vintage Tea Set:

I love my tea, and having friends over for tea, so this item is essential for me. My lovely fiancé bought this for me a few Christmases ago, it’s an original set from the 1940’s. They can be bought brand new from kitchen and tea stores, and also found in second hand stores and retro stores.

Vintage & Antique Decanters:

Vintage decanters are the perfect way to store spirits, and wine (be careful as once wine is open, it does turn to vinegar after a little while), they have a fabulous vintage flare, and are a great unique way to have drinks when you have friends over.

Retro Toaster:


Vintage Trolley:

This beautiful item is fantastic; it’s the most opulent way to transport meals without having to make multiple trips. This item was also bought for me by my fiancé’, but they can be purchased from retro and second hand stores.

Vintage Dining Suite:

A vintage-dining suite adds the perfect touch to your dining kitchen area. The best place to find these is vintage stores, and gumtree.com.au. This set was bought as engagement present from my lovely parents.

Vintage Trinkets:
Vintage trinkets are the final touch to a room, and can be bought from all op shops and retro stores. My favourite collectables are deers, swans, antique figurines, and anything dachshund related.


More updates coming soon!

Much love,

2 comments on “Vintage Kitchen

  1. Very cool, I like the recipe book holder and vintage trolley

  2. #AceNewsGroup
    May 6, 2014

    Reblogged this on Ace Food and Health News 2014 and commented:
    #AceFoodNews – Just love retro and things of the past – nice post 🙂

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