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Pinup Contest, Am I Ready For You?

Hello lovelies,

A topic I’ve been receiving quite a few emails for is from aspiring pinups asking me if they’re ready to enter their first pinup contest. While it will really depend on you personally, and if you feel ready, but if you have a passion for vintage glamour you are ready for your first pinup contest!
10554957_10152646262763436_538019806_nTo apply for your first pinup contest you will need a pinup name, and to develop your pinup persona, which you can read more about on this blog post I published a little while ago, which will help you create a little bio for your pinup name, that is required for pinup contests. To enter most pinup contest you will be required to submit 1 or more photos of yourself dressed in pinup styling, they don’t usually need to be professional. If you’d like your photo taken professionally, it’s best to go with a photographer who specialises in pinup, and ensure they have quality work.

Elements to include in your entry photos include:
– Pinup styled hair and make up reminiscent of the 1940’s and 1950’s.
– Portray your pinup persona as best as possible.
– Vintage styled clothing, vintage or reproduction.
– Pinup styled posed, look up Gil Elvgren is one of my favourites for inspiration.
– Strong facial expressions.
– Confidence, nothing is more beautiful than a pretty pinup with confidence.

Once you have submitted your photos, and bio, you will usually need to wait to find out if you have been accepted as an official finalist for the contest. In the meantime you can begin researching what sort of outfits you’d like to use for the contest, which you can do by research pinup artists, pinup models, vintage films, magazines, and any other sources you can get yours hands on.
10361980_835810363106537_4339774606147943615_nEntires are now open for my pinup contest taking place at The Vintage Collective Market for 2015, be sure to submit your application as soon as possible before we exceed our maximum number of beautiful pinup girls!

More updates on how to prepare for your first pinup contest will be up very soon!

Much love,

Burlesque Artist | Pinup Model | Vintage Blogger

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