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Vintage Winter Fashion

Vintage Winter Fashion For all of those in Australia, it has finally hit the winter season, and the weather has definitely got quite cool! During the winter months it can be hard to be both cosy and pinup perfect, but with the right wardrobe staples it is possible! Some of my favourites include:

Simple, elegant, and adorable, all with a vintage flair. For extra warmth you can add accessories such as a fur collar, or scarf. With a few cardigans and a couple accessories you can mix and match with different outfits for so many looks all while staying toasty warm.

Op shops can be a great option for buying affordable cardigans.

Op shops can be a great option for buying affordable cardigans.

Capris & Swing Trousers: 
A beautiful alternative to wearing track pants or leggings.
capris 1958503_491714950962187_7857189880529757923_n

Most clothing brands such as VoH, Wheels & Dollbaby, and Pinup Girl Clothing will make a style of capri pants.


Photo and clothing by Vivienne of Holloway

There are so many cute winter jackets and coats available from most brands, in many beautiful designs to keep you warm, especially during those one degree mornings we’ve been having lately!

Vintage photo.

jacket 529271_558833180804095_1070001035_n

Photo & clothing: Pretty Dress Clothing

Seamed stockings: 
A little bit of warmth and glamour for your legs, and the finishing touch to go with any vintage dress!
Vintage advert.

Vintage advert.

Accessories such as gloves, fur collars, and scarfs, are perfect to keep fashionably cosy during winter.
gloves- ebony

Gloves with bow detailing from Burlesque Baby Clothing

gloves 62679_558833194137427_796134718_n

Gloves and jacket by Pretty Dress Clothing


Faux fur caplet.


Vintage fur.

Brands I love: Pretty Dress Clothing, Pinup Girl Clothing, and Red Stripe Clothing, among many others! Don’t forget true vintage clothing is always an option for the chilly season, from such local stores as Lucy in Disguise, and MoMo’s Boutique!

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