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Sunday Pinup Tip: Bristle Brush

Good morning lovelies!

This weeks Sunday Pinup Tip is for all those wishing to achieve an authentic vintage hair style, as no matter what method you use for curling your hair, it is essential to style the curls, after your hair has set. If this is not done, your hair will just be in ringlets, which is not a style often seen on a 1940’s/50’s pinup, rather more a style for children in this period.


The easiest way to style your curls is to use a bristle brush, to brush the curls into the style you desire, and finish with a little hair spray to make them as long lasting as possible. You can either brush your curl all together, as I’ve done, or brush them out for a different style. If you’d like to create more waves in your hair, or volume in different area, an alligator clip can be used to clip the areas you’d like styled in to place, spray a reasonable amount of hairspray, and wait 10 minutes for this to set, once this 10 minutes is up, then once you remove these your hair will stay in the way its been set!


If you don’t already own a bristle brush, most beauty stores like Priceline, Hairmart, and even cheaper stores like The Reject Store will have them. I prefer to buy vintage brushes as they’re extremely beautiful, well made, and make me feel like I’m actually back in the golden age of glamour. You buy them from stores like Mo-Mo’s Vintage or Rockafella’s Retro which are both located on Beaufort Street, you can sometimes find them at op-shop to if you’re very lucky!


For my view photo tutorial on how to curl and style your hair click here! 

More updates coming soon!

Much love,
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