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Seven Essential Makeup Brushes

Good afternoon lovelies,

At workshops, classes and through emails I’m often asked a lot questions on the topic of hair and makeup; what products to use, whats tools work best, and how to put the two together. Even after learning all there is, there is a lot of trial and and error before you can achieve the look you desire, but like a wardrobe a I believe there are staple items that are essential.

Vintage makeup advertisement

Vintage makeup advertisement

I own quite a large makeup kit, with two brush kits; for working as a makeup artist, and working as a performer these are all required, but for everyday use there are seven essential makeup brushes that I could not live without to transform myself into a glamorous pinup girl.

6 out of 7 of the essential makeup brushes

6 out of 7 of the essential makeup brushes

1: Thin Angled Brush
The thin angled brush is used for a great number of things, I feel it is most useful for colouring in eyebrows, once I’ve used a pencil to draw on a clean outline, as well for using eyeshadow to draw small thin lines around the eye.

2 & 3: Round Headed Brush
These two have a great deal of uses, but I use them most commonly for shading and contouring my eye. I use two separate brushes; one for darker colours, another for lighter colours. The advantage of using a brush, instead of the little foam headed tool supplied with most eyeshadow pallets, is that shade the colours a lot easier, and more evenly.

4: Liquid Foundation Brush
This brush is used for the application of liquid foundation, I find this tool better than a sponge as it easily applies even coloured foundation to the face, using minimal foundation. I still finish by using a sponge, to ensure no streaks are left behind.

5: Blush Brush:
The blush brush is simply a brush used to apply blush. Some people use there normal powder foundation brush for this, but having two will save you forgetting to clean it and getting pink all over your face when applying your foundation powder. Blush brushes are also smaller, and made specifically for this application. I recently posted up a tip for getting your blush perfect the first time, every time, click here to see it!

6: Powder Foundation Brush:
The powder foundation brush is the largest brush found in a kit, and is used to apply powder foundation. If you wish to have flawless looking skin, to put on liquid/stick foundation, then powder foundation. The Powder sets the liquid, making it last longer, and creates a more matte finish.

Number 7

Number 7

7: Bullet Brush
One of the most important brushes in my kit, the bullet brush; a small firm round-headed brush used for the application of lipstick. I don’t know how anyone can apply lipstick without it.

Don’t forget, even though there are brushes we generally use for things, there are no actual rules to the application of makeup, it is about finding what works best for you!

Much love,
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