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Sunday Pinup Tip: Vintage Allure

Being a pinup is the most fun a a girl can have; all the vintage glamour, opulence, and dressing up, but with the scene becoming ever-growing its hard to have an original look, with what used to be something so unique. There are around five or so main reproduction clothing brands and boutiques most ladies will purchase their garments from, with just a few examples being; Stop Staring Clothing, Pin Up Girl Clothing, and Hell Bunny, and with limited designs you do see other ladies wearing the same outfits as many others.

A simple, yet fabulous solution to this is wearing true vintage times of clothing! True vintage clothing, are items of clothing which are originally from 1920’s – 1980’s by definition, but for us vintage wearers we refer this more as items dated from the 20’s – 70’s. Which quite is the more affordable option too. With a vintage item of clothing, unless a store has received them from someone with bulk of that item, it would take a miracle to see someone else wearing at the same event you’re attending!


My favourite vintage stores are:

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