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Sunday Pinup Tip: the waist belt

After a fabulous afternoon of teaching the Burlesque & Pinup Teaser Workshop with so many beautiful ladies, I’m writing today’s Sunday pinup tip about one of my favourite accessories, the waist belt! The waist belt is a simply accessory which can transform any item of clothing into one with vintage glamour. Two of the biggest silhouettes for the 1940’s and 50’s are either the hourglass figure, or the small waist coupled with full swing skirt.

Vintage fashion silhouettes.

Vintage fashion silhouettes.

During the 1940’s we see the corset begin to disappear due to WWII putting rationing into play, and most women now going to work, as men were off at war. Corsets and shape wear return after war is won. Shape wear can be great option to create a historically accurate vintage silhouette, in conjunction with a cute vintage styled belt!


Wearing a waist belt can emphasise the waist, make items that are too large have a more fitted look, and create a more fashionable look by either matching or contrasting the belt to your attire. The waist belt is a staple for every pinup’s wardrobe, and a great way to create an authentic vintage look. Whether a waist tie, or buckle belt a great look can be achieved something so simple.


More updates coming soon!

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