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Body Confidence Blog Series: part two

“Wanting to be someone else, is a waste of the person you are” – Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn_Monroe_-_publicityThis is one of the most common traps that we fall into, comparing ourselves to others and wishing we were more like someone else, whether a celebrity like Dita Von Teese, or one of our friends. The reason this is such a powerful trap is that we often don’t often catch how negative this thought train can be. We don’t usually see by comparing ourselves to other people, we’re actually belittling ourselves, and telling ourselves we’re not good enough the way we are. The truth is that no matter what we change, whether it be as simple as a wardrobe change, or something a little more extreme, we will always be ourselves, and theres nothing wrong with that!

Go look in the mirror, really look at yourself, look at all things you love about yourself, and all the things you don’t, and remember there’s no one exactly like you in all the world, you’re unique, you’re strong, and you’re pinup151-500x500beautiful! If we all looked exactly the same, life would be boring, your uniqueness makes you the incredible person you are!

With working on our body image, and body confidence, I think the best way to work on ourselves in a healthy manner, is working on becoming the best version of ourselves, being both mentally and physically healthy. Approaching all challenges with the mindset we’re going to become the best version of ourself that we possibly can, whether wishing to change an unhealthy lifestyle of eating poorly, or correcting the way we thinking about ourselves.

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

With identifying the effects of comparing ourselves to others , we can begin to work on minimising this thought pattern and minimising the effect it has on us. With the awareness of how this negative thought, when we catch ourselves feeding into it, we can stop in tracks of this thought, and remind ourselves just how unique and beautiful we are. Rather than trying to be someone else, we cannot do, we can work on becoming the best version of ourselves.

With all body confidence work, working on this once off, or even for a whole month, won’t fix all our body confidence issues, it could take months before your really feel the effects of working on these issues, but its definitely worth putting in the time.

If you have any question, feel free to comment below, or send me through an email! To view part one, click here!

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