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Taking your burlesque to the next level.


Myself perform at The Australian Burlesque Festival.

Myself perform at The Australian Burlesque Festival.

I’ve been talking to many new girls to burlesque about the world of burlesque, and taking their burlesque performances to the next level, many wondering how to even start, what options they have, and anything they should educate themselves about. Before considering taking the plunge into professional work you should think about the level of your performance, have you had much performance experience on stage? Working professionally means you’ll be paid for your, so you’re level of work needs to be here, if you misrepresent yourself you can create a bad reputation for yourself. This also means you’ll be creating your own performance, so you not only need to be able to perform burlesque, but also choreograph routines, put together a costume and many other aspects which is very different to being taught a routine.

My giant martini glass.

My giant martini glass.

Taking the next step:
If you feel you’re ready for the next step, you need ensure you have an idea where you’re going, be sure of you’ve developed your burlesque persona, know what sort of performances you wish to put out to the world. Spend time putting a few dances together, and get them filmed if you can, having this something to show potential employees and clients is a good idea. I also recommend not stopping classes just because you’re at a higher level, one is never too good to stop learning new things. Taking other classes like acting, dancing (jazz, and ballet), can help a performer be able to show more variety on stage through dance movements and performance. The more you perform, the more experience you’ll gain, the closer you are to making your dreams a reality.

Performing at a private function.

Performing at a private function.

Some important things you’ll need to work as a paid performer:

  • An Australian Business Number (ABN).
  • Registered business name (your burlesque name).
  • Public Liability Insurance.
  • A website is optional, but it will present you as a professional (having a proper email also looks better, like contact@yourdomain.com).

When making the transition from aspiring burlesque performer, to professional its good to start getting your name out there, and try and perform as regularly as possible, shows that are great for this including the Burly Unplugged Show, which is the open mic of burlesque, holding shows each month.

Performing my bubble bath tease.

Performing my bubble bath tease.

What is a burlesque troupe?
A burlesque troupe is a type of performing company; they hire performers on either a freelance or contract basis for work including performers for shows, teachers, hostesses, and so much more. Working for a troupe doesn’t cost you any money, as you work for them, you perform services for them and receive payment for your services. Joining a troupe is a good foundation for new performers, as it does offer a lot guidance, and assistance. I worked for one of Perth’s top troupes for close to four years, and I learnt so much, but at the same time working for a troupe isn’t for everyone. To join a troupe you can apply to them, and often they’ll have you do an audition, some troupes will ask performers from shows they’ve seen, or students from their classes who really excel to join their troupe.

My Betty Grable tribute performance.

My Betty Grable tribute performance.

What does working freelance mean?
Working as a freelance burlesque performer is where you work professionally as essentially your own business, you can work for yourself, different dance companies, and for clients, as well as putting on your own events. For this type of work your in charge of all areas of work, choreography, costuming, promoting yourself, taking bookings, handling money, organising shows, and much more. While it is a lot of work, there is also a lot of good working for yourself. Being in charge of your own work gives you a lot of freedom to do everything you’ve dreamed about, and you push yourself more, rather than having the potential to become complacent.

Hobby performing:
If you love burlesque, you don’t have to become a professional, you may wish to perform as a hobby performer. There are lots of shows, again like Burly Unplugged, dance schools that put on shows, and other variety of shows you may wish to work with.

Above all, if you have a passion for something, never give up on your dream!

More updates coming soon!

Much love,
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