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Clothing review: Ava and Rose Boutique

Ava and Rose Boutique is a local vintage inspired clothing designer based in Newport, Victoria (Australia) that specialise in creating adorable easy-to-wear playsuits suited for both sleepwear, and daywear. They also create wrap skirts, and boleros that match their delightful playsuits. Ava and Rose design each playsuit to pay homage to Hollywood starlets, fashion icons, and fictional characters from the 1930’s to the 1950’s.

Miss Lady Salsa in a cute playsuit and wrap skirt!

Miss Lady Salsa in a cute playsuit and wrap skirt!

Ava and Rose are run by the beautiful Suzanne, who is also known as Miss Lady Salsa, as well as being a gifted seamstress she is also a talented pinup model. Suzanne is truly passionate for her work, and has a strong passion for vintage glamour, which has; lead her to creating amazing garments that are both functional and glamorous.

Miss Lady Salsa

Miss Lady Salsa

I recently received their Miss Bettie Loves Cherry playsuit to give my own honest review of, and It’s my pleasure to say I’m in love with this dreamy number, with winter turning to spring it’s the perfect time to start wearing this fabulous style of vintage fashion.

Yours truly in my playsuit! Photo by Della Photography.

Yours truly in my playsuit! Photo by Della Photography.

What I love most about this playsuit is how cute you can look while also being so comfortable! Being made of 100% cotton, having an elastic waist, and adjustable straps it is really easy-to-wear and will fit most body shapes like a glove. One of the other amazing features is the poppers used in the crotch making it so much easier when nature calls! For those who have not experience a playsuit or leotard without this feature, means disrobing every time you visit the bathroom. I’ve already worn this baby so much I’ve only had it for just over a week, its been perfect for teaching my classes in, photo shots, doing my daily chores, and also as for sleepwear! My playsuit is incredibly well made, and made to last, which is something I really look for when adding clothing staples to my wardrobe. They are available in a range of cute prints, to suit everybody tastes.

Poppers on the crotch of the playsuit for an easy bathroom trip!

Poppers on the crotch of the playsuit for an easy bathroom trip!

Ava and Rose create playsuit and garments in sizes 6-16, and take custom orders, to create your dream playsuit to suit your tastes, and to tailor to your beautiful curves. I love my Ava and Rose playsuit and am very happy to support them as an amazing Australian designer, I’m sure they have big things in their horizons!

Be sure to keep up to date with their amazing work:
Email: avaandrose@iinet.net.au
Website: www.avaandroseboutique.com
Etsy Store: www.avaandroseboutique.etsy.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/avaandrose

More updates coming soon!

Much love,
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