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Sunday Pinup Tip: vintage shopping

Good afternoon lovelies!

What a turn the weather has taken this Sunday! Yesterday in Perth we had a very lovely warm spring day with the sun shining, and today we’ve gone back to winter with lots of rain. No matter if its rain, or shine there’s always time for a little vintage shopping!

For today’s tip I thought I’d talk about one of my favourite pastimes, vintage shopping. While it can be tempting to wear an elaborate vintage gown, to look the part when shopping at your favourite stores, it can actually hinder you, while you can still look the part, its best to wear something you can easily and quickly get in and out of, so trying on clothing is much easier. The more you try, the more fabulous items you can buy, vintage shopping is the one time impulse shopping is a good thing, there’s nothing worse than coming back for an item and finding its already been purchased by someone else.

Some of my favourite easy garments to wear out shopping include wrap dresses/skirts (a petticoat dress underneath useful at markets wear they may not have a change room), playsuits, and other dresses that slip on and and off effortlessly.


A few other helpful tips:

  • If you wear lipstick, its good to bring a tissue to put in your mouth so you don’t smudge lipstick onto the garment you’re trying on.
  • Some vintage items only have a vip zip on the side, and are quite difficult to squeeze into, if you tie a headscarf around your hair, you won’t mess your hair up!
  • When looking at vintage clothes, ignore the sizing, sizing has changed a lot.
  • Bring a measuring tape, it can be good to check if something is going to fit before you try and squeeze it on.
  • It’s better to buy too large, than too small, you can always have an item altered to be smaller, but letting an item out may not be possible.
  • Bring a belt, a cinched waist can change an item completely!

More updates coming soon!

Much love,









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