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Victory Medal

Good afternoon lovelies,

In the last couple weeks my fiancee and I have purchased our own home, it has been a lot of work, and a lot of cleaning. During this I went through a bag of buttons which used to belong to my great grandmother, a rather crafty lady, and discovered a Victory Medal from 1945.

The front of the medal reads “George VI & Queen Elizabeth” with a small inscription at the bottom that says “Sheridan”.


And the back reads “Victory Medal 15-8-1945 to commemorate the conclusion of World War 1939-1945”.

After posting this fabulous find to my Instagram, and pages I discovered a few other people had found/inherited this medal too, and it intrigued me to find a little more about this. Through my search I came upon the Museum Victoria website which had this medal featured. This Victory Medal was made in the Sheridan Mint in Perth in 1945, as the medal reads to commemorates the conclusion of the second World War, I imagine this would have been a fairly common item, and probably not valued for very much money, but it is definitely quite a fabulous part of history to have. As the ribbon was torn its unwearable in this way, but after taking the ribbon off and threading through a necklace chain in its place, I now have a cute historic necklace.

photo 2
More updates coming soon!

Much love,











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