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A very pinup Halloween

It’s October, and you know that means, Halloween! If you haven’t stared planning a costume you better start soon as it will creep up awfully quickly! This year I’d definitely recommend giving a pinup twist on your Halloween costume, it is a fabulous way of bringing new life to old costume ideas. You can take any iconic character from history or pop culture and add a little vintage glamour!

Just a few fun ideas:
Pinup Witch
A very popular pinup subject matter when it comes to vintage pinup photography and art, and so easy, grab a cute black vintage dress, and buy or make a witch, and along a broom.




Pinup Dalek
Just one fabulous Doctor Who inspired costume, this fabulous little dress comes from Pin Up Girl Clothing, and only costs $30. You can also put together a makeshift costume with a pair of suspenders, bow tie, and fez to create a Matt Smith look!

Pin Up Girl Clothing

Pin Up Girl Clothing

Pinup Bride of Frankenstein 
A cute spooky costume, couple a black dress, with a moonglow tan, and use a little white makeup in your hair to create a white streak.



Halloween Pinup Kitty 
Make a cute set of ears, and with a black wiggle dress pin on tail!

Bettie Page!

Bettie Page!

Rosie the Riveter
Pay homage to the cultural icon who represented the women who worked in factories during WWII. A cute bandana and a tie off shirt will do the trick!

vintage date and milkshake - pinterest

If you have any other fabulous costume ideas, or photos from previous years I’d love to see you post them up in the comments, or share them with my on Facebook!

I’ll be sure to post up my look this year too!

Much love,











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