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Sunday Pinup Tip: Using your mirrors

Hello lovelies,

My apologies on the days delay on this blog, I had the strangest computer issue where my internet and laptop were both working perfect, but my laptop couldn’t see/find the internet, thankfully with the help of my tech-savvy brother, everything is running perfectly again!

For this week’s Sunday’s (well its now Monday) pinup tip, I’m talking about how to get the best use out of your mirrors. I’m sure many of us have had days where on close inspection after leaving the house for an important meeting or even just work we’ve noticed a major makeup mistake, whether it be a streak of foundation across your forehead, uneven application of blush, or even forgetting to apply something!

On days where I have time to get completely pinup perfect, especially for shows, photo shoot, and pinup events I use two-three mirrors when getting ready:

1. Hand Held/Compact Mirror:
The hand mirror is essential, it allows you to look closely enough when apply foundation, eyeliner, eyebrows, and any finer detailed makeup application. If you purely use a large mirror its very easy to miss the small mistakes, which once we notice when we’re out, don’t seem small anymore and can be quite bothering!





2. Large Mirror/Vintage Dresser:
A larger mirror is essential for achieving symmetry, it gives you a bigger picture look of your face, this is a good time to see if your eyebrows, eyeliner, and blush are equally applied on each side.


3. Mounted Mirror: 
This can be a substitution for both a larger mirror and a hand held mirror as it can be moved close to you, or moved back to check symmetry. I use this mirror usually to apply my blush, and false eyelashes.



Vintage hair and makeup is something that takes a lot of practise, sometime it feels like you’ll never perfect that victory roll but if you put in the time, you will one day very soon, never give up!

More updates coming soon!

Much love,










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