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A little rain on a vintage day

Good afternoon lovelies,

Just this weekend past The Hot Rod & Custom Car Show took place at The Perth Polo Club, in Guildford in conjunction with a fabulous little market at The Guildford Town Hall. With the seasons changing from Winter to Spring the weather can be a little unpredictable, and this weekend passed it was unfortunately a little stormy, but you can’t let a little rain stop the fun!

blogphoto 10

The show had a range of very beautiful and unique cars, with just a few of my favourites pictured below! There was a swap meet with heaps of amazingly cheap vintage items, and car bits and bobs. I bought a vintage tiki-styled spice rack for only $8! The markets at the Guildford Town Hall also had a fabulous range but was a little more in the crafting realm, but still fabulous day out with bands playing. My favourite stall was one promoting adopting dogs, I’m a sucker for puppies.

blogphoto 7

blogphoto 6

blogphoto 5

blogphoto 4

blogphoto 3

blogphoto 2

Swap meet

Swap meet

The cutest puppies.

The cutest puppies

Even with a little rain it was a fabulous day, its important we support local vintage and rockabilly events, Perth is really starting to pick up with some fabulous things going, without all of our support they aren’t able to take place.

More updates coming soon!

Much love,










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