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Sunday Pinup Tip: makeup cheats

Good morning lovelies,

For this Sunday’s pinup tip I’ll be exploring just a couple ways you can look pinup perfect on mornings where you don’t have the time. I thought I’d share with you just a few of my tips as I know a lot of women have families, or work long hours and don’t have much time for their beauty regime.

“Powder, Lipstick and Rouge” from The Dolly Sisters.

Some days putting on makeup can be a bit of an effort, some days you’ve overslept and realised that you only have 10 minutes to get ready, and some days you just don’t need to wear dramatic makeup, but these days don’t mean you can’t still look vintage and glamorous. Today was one of these days where I was very time-restricted and so I had to adapt my getting ready schedule accordingly. I used what I call “makeup cheats”; these cheats cut a few corners to get things done quicker.


My makeup cheats:

  1. Instead of concealer, foundation, and setting powder, you apply you concealer and finish with powder, this will rid of those dark bag beneath our eyes before you head out the door.
  2. Apply your brows with just an angle brush and brow powder, it doesn’t have that defined finish that eyebrow pencil does but it will save you time.
  3. Still contour your eyes, but when you apply your eyeliner, use a felt tip eyeliner pen as this dries quicker, and can be easier to apply.
  4. Don’t forget blush and lipstick!
  5. For lazy hair days I put one victory roll at the front and use a head tie that usually matches my belt or another accessory. Other cute styles you can adapt is a snood, high ponytail, turban, or so many other cute vintage options.
Vintage snood.

Vintage snood.

Opulent vintage turban worn by Lana Turner.

Opulent vintage turban worn by Lana Turner.

While these little shortcuts can be done quite quickly, and still make you look and feel fabulous they won’t have the same finish as if you’re to properly apply your hair and makeup. I wouldn’t use this methods for a show, photo shoot or event; but they’re great tips for going out with friends, when going to uni/work, or even just popping up to the shops.

More updates coming soon!

Much love,


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  1. TaylorCatProductions
    October 26, 2014

    Reblogged this on Pin Up! The Blog and commented:
    A snood is such an overlooked accessory!

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