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Performing & Confidence

The stage darkens, you walk out, the music cues and the lights go on and there you are in front of audience, and they applaud just at the sight of you and you begin to perform your heart out. For a lot of people this is probably a nightmare but for a performer there is no greater feeling.

Yours truly performing at Melbourne's Australian Burlesque Festival

Yours truly performing at Melbourne’s Australian Burlesque Festival

In the past few years I’ve taught a countless number of students in pinup, burlesque and other styles and watched them bloom on stage. I’ve seen the journey from when they were almost too afraid to even attend their first class, to confidently dancing on stage, its been incredibly rewarding. When we push ourselves outside our comfort zone we have so much to gain.

Reveal at Fringe Festival 2014

Reveal at Fringe Festival 2014

A lot of people don’t like the idea of being on stage, or talking in front of a large group of people as its outside of their comfort zone, and usually they’re quite self conscious by challenging this and taking to this stage we let go of all these fears and worries and loose ourselves in the joy of being on stage and the adrenaline. Each of my student’s who have performed in a show has said they’ve gained so much confidence from going on stage, and more often than not can’t wait to do it again.

Betty Grable tribute performance

Betty Grable tribute performance

The hardest part in signing up for a course, or a show (like Burly Unplugged, an open mic night for burlesque), especially if its our first performance, its like hurdle, but once you make it over the first one you won’t be able to stop.

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