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Creating a Facebook Page

Through my Facebook page I’ve been contacted by casting agents, clothing companies, club owners, photographers, magazines (including for the shot that made the cover of American Classics), and so many other people regarding my burlesque and pinup work. In this day Facebook is a great key for networking and sharing your work with the world, but its important not to jump the gun when creating a page, I didn’t create my own page until I began working professionally with a dance company for a couple months, I’d already had years of training, and been modelling for a couple years too.

I’ve had a lot of ladies contacting me about looking at their Facebook pages and asking what they can do to improve their page, how they can get more fans, and other details and what I tell them usually comes as a bit of a surprise. What I’m about to explain isn’t to discourage new people to the industry, or to offend those who may have already made a page but rather to enlighten them to what other professionals and what people think about when they look at a Facebook page. This blog is also intended for those who are looking to become serious with the modelling or performing, having a page for a hobby is a completely different realm.

Why not create a Facebook page straight away?
Facebook is an international platform; everything you post and share can be viewed by anyone including people who could potentially be future employers, clients, or another industry professional, and when they view your work and see your in the beginning of discovering yourself and not at a professional level they may not consider you for their work now, or in the future. To network prior to a page, I’d recommend websites like www.starnow.com.au, www.modelmayhem.com, and Facebook modelling groups (avoid the drama you don’t want to have to create a bad reputation for yourself). Having a profile on Model Mayhem is great to share on groups, and to help try and network with other creative and gives you a chance to establish yourself and your work before you promote yourself.

When to create a Facebook page?
Before you create a Facebook page you’ll want to ensure you know what direction your headed in, you should have goals set, understand your pinup/burlesque persona, and what image you want to portray to the world; you are your business. You should have built a small portfolio with a minimum of 3-4 photo shoots. If you work freelance and not with a company or agency I’d recommend either before or soon after creating a website, register your business name (I use my modelling/performing name), have an ABN (you require this for paid work), and have a professional email (yourname@yourdomain.com.au), this will project a much more professional image to the world.

When are you professional?
All too often I see people promoting themselves as professionals when they’ve only had one photo shoot that they’ve paid for, there’s a HUGE difference between this and working in a professional photo shoot. When you pay for a photo shoot you usually have a hair and makeup artist who will style you, wardrobe provided, and a lot of direction from the photographer, in a professional photo shoot as a pinup you’re more often than not expected to do you own hair and makeup (small businesses don’t want to hire a whole styling team), and the photographer will give you very little guidance for poses, and as a professional you’re expected to be confident and to achieve what your client desires quickly and easily. Professional is when you’re paid for your work, you’ve had a lot of experience and training in an area to the point that you execute this on a high level competently and confidently.

Facebook Page Tips:

  1. Post up a high quality work only, you need to represent yourself in the best possible light.
  2. Represent yourself accurately; don’t promote yourself as a professional until you’re at this stage.
  3. Be sure you have your pinup/burlesque persona fully understood, you need to know who you are, as you are your brand, and how you promote yourself it vital for your career.
  4. Avoid contentious issues or obscene things, it will deter people from your page and can bring a lot of hate your way.
  5. Don’t try too hard to get fans (spamming groups, and your account), being yourself is the best way to go.

As I mentioned earlier, this blog is not to discourage you at all, I merely want to share my experiences, and what I’ve learnt from people who inspire me to help you put your best foot forward on your journey. If you already have a Facebook page do not take this negatively use this as a tool to help shape your page into something inspiring from all, act professional, only post up only your best images, do fabulous things. Above all never give up on your dreams; if you have a passion, and are prepared to work hard you can achieve anything!

If you’re ever want help regarding pinup or burlesque feel free to send me an email at contact@ladylace.com.au, I’m always happy to help!

Much love,


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