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How I got into modelling

Good evening lovelies,

I was recently reflecting on how far I’ve come in the last couple years, with 2014 being such a big year, and it lead to me to write this blog, sharing my story of how I got into pinup modelling.

Not my first photo shoot, but an earlier photo.

Not my first photo shoot, but an earlier photo.

When I first started modelling, I had already been loving pinup for quite sometime, though my style wasn’t completely defined, I was on a journey and in the process of teaching myself vintage hair and makeup. I think most girls at some point dream of modelling, and when I first discovered pinup I adored it so much, and that’s what I wanted to do one day.

How I actually started was when I was 16, through a friend who had started photography asked if I’d like to model for him, I was so excited to try something new, and something I’d always dreamt about. I of course did not hesitate in accepting his offer. I loved every moment of it, from getting ready, to taking the photos, to getting the beautiful results. I unfortunately for the life of me can’t find these photos!

Photo from a recent photo shoot, with Aaron Mcpolin Photography, styled by Vitaly.

Photo from a recent photo shoot, with Aaron Mcpolin Photography, styled by Vitaly.

It was then that I decided that I was going to try modelling for fun. I contact local established models, as well as some international models I’d admired who gave me so much advice on modelling. I started up a profile with Model Mayhem, and networked with photographers and began my portfolio; I paid for a couple photo shoots, and began this fun journey. Eventually I was asked to join Scene’s modelling agency where I worked for two years, I choose to leave so I could work purely pinup. Since then I’ve been working professionally freelance and am the face of Pretty Dress Clothing, have won multiple pinup titles, worked with so many amazing industry professionals, teach pinup classes, and have been published countless times internationally including making the cover for American Classic Magazine Issue 8.

I can’t wait for what the future has for me! I’d love to hear your story about how you got into pinup modelling, feel free to comment below!

Much love,


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