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Pinup Tip: wearing petticoats

Good evening lovelies,

For this week’s pinup tip I’m talking about wearing petticoats, and how wearing them in different ways shows different styles of pinup. It is important to have an understanding of how to compose an outfit so you can either have a classic or modern look, which is how I divide the wearing petticoats.

f_hoops_galoreClassic Pinup: 
This is where the petticoat is worn under your dress or skirt, and can’t be seen hanging below the hemline. I call this the classic pinup style of wearing a petticoat, as this is how women during the 1940’s and 50’s would have worn them. The petticoat is a type of undergarment and displaying your undergarments was completely inappropriate during this time. If you’re looking to emulate a pinup in authentic style this is the best way to wear your petticoat. Most pinup contests prefer your petticoat not to be see, unless you competing under a neo/modern category.

Classic Pinup

Classic Pinup

Modern Pinup:
This is where the petticoat is worn under the dress or skirt, but the petticoat hangs below the hemline and can be seen. This is very modern twist on the pinup look as it goes against the values and attitudes of 1950’s, but don’t let this stop you from this style. Many pinup outfits can look very fabulous with a modern flare.

367caa0185ff26074fa2623fb114b5d5It is important to think about each element when you decide on an outfit if you’re trying to create a certain look. There are a range of different shapes, sizes, and lengths of petticoats that can all portray a certain style which are important to consider. Petticoats are available from most pinup clothing stores like Cherri Lane, who has just opened a store in Midland (Perth).

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More updates coming soon.

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